Watergate/ Ukraine Scandal ASSIGNMENT

Week 4 takes us into one of the best known political scandals of its time! WATERGATE!  
In the PPT I uploaded you will see a full in-depth look into what watergate was and why President Nixon found himself in very hot water! In week 7 you will be reading more about all the Presidential impeachment and how for the most part, the President was never fully impeached and removed. Nixon was a special case where he actually LEFT the presidency in exchange for being pardoned by the incoming president, Gerald Ford (his former VP). 
This week, I want to take a deep look into two Presidents and two scandals, that are a lot alike! President Trump got himself into hot water with the Ukraine scandal. He withheld money from Ukraine in exchange for information on a political opponent, or as you will read over and over, quid pro quo. 
I want you to read the PPT I uploaded, watch the video, and read the article and answer the following questions:
1. Have you heard of Watergate? If so, did you learn anything new? and what is your opinion on the Watergate scandal? – At least one paragraph
2. Have you heard of the Ukraine scandal? If so, did you learn anything new? and what is your opinion on the Ukraine scandal?- At least one paragraph
3. In two paragraphs or MORE (not less) please explain in your own words the similarities and differences between these two scandals and the two presidents at the center of these scandals.