Week 14 Response

What is one (or more) key issue related to gender inequities identified in the UN Commission on the Status of Women 2021 annual report? How does the data from the UN stats snapshots reflect this? And finally, how did the speakers in the videos that you selected suggest we address this problem? 

Step 1. Read
– it’s a bit dense/dry so read pp. 4-22 and, if need be, focus on 4-12 and you can skim 12-22.

Step 2. Check out
 (pick a “thematic area” and use some of the data in conjunction to back up the issue you’ve selected to discuss from the UN report)

3. Watch

Rumaitha Al Busaida, Omani scientist and climate activist, Tedex, May 2021 (5 min)
Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya, Kenyan women’s education advocate, “Tedex, November 2018 (12 min).