Week 3’s Assignment

For this week’s assignment, you will establish and argue for a position using a 2-3 page APA-formatted argumentative essay (the title and reference pages do not count toward page count).  Your argument should use the company from Week 1’s assignment and at least two credible sources from LIRN or another database.  Remember to cite and reference your sources! 
The argument prompt follows:

Discuss the purpose of vertical integration and argue whether it is a suitable goal for the company you selected for Week 1s assignment.  Also, be sure to include the concepts of limited diversification, related diversification, or unrelated diversification into your argument.

You may wish to use Modules 1, 2, 8, and 9, at http://tinyurl.com/yyzjvj9k, to help with planning and drafting your essay.  Also, you may apply the CRAAP test to determine the suitability of sources.  The CRAAP test, found at this link, will help you determine whether the source article is well suited for your assignment.