western summary for film 1010 class

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                                   Western Summary
In the 1960s film The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly directed by Sergio Leone, the
main character Blondie, played by Clint Eastwood, is a bounty hunter on a journey with a
Mexican fugitive named Tuco. This movie is considered a western. Westerns are a genre of film
that has been popular since the early 1930s. There are many aspects of a movie that make it a
western, like heroic characters, similar themes, and the setting usually is lawless.
One of the more common western tropes is that the main character is a man who is
smarter and tougher than the enemy. Films like, My Darling Clementine and The Good, The
Bad, and The Ugly both main characters are two stands up guys that fight for the right thing. In
My Darling Clementine, the main character is a man named Wyatt Earp and he owned cattle
and was transporting them to California. One day, while Wyatt and his brother went to a nearby
town, Tombstone, the youngest Earp brother was ambushed by the Clanton brothers. To sum up
the movie in a sentence; My Darling Clementine is a revenge tale of a man who wants to clean
up the town from lawlessness at the same time. In most western films, the hero is very similar to
Wyatt Earp. Obviously, not every western has the exact same character, but they still follow a
similar formula.
Western films cover complex topics of the modern world that you would not expect from
a movie that takes place post civil war and pre- WWI. The themes usually would represent things
like individualism vs. society or wilderness vs. civilization. In films where you see the
individualism vs society theme being shown, the characters themselves are having this battle
internally. The characters are having to decide if they want to partake in society and take on these
social norms and convictions vs having complete control of your life but most likely being alone
and in lawlessness. A battle of security (society) vs mystery (individualism). These films always
kind of portrayed the west in a grim yet exciting way, which makes the interpretation of the
West kind of up open to interpretation.
The last and most common western trope is the setting. Obviously, it takes place in the
western United States from the time 1865-1900. This was a time of new land that had just been
taken over by the United States. There were no setup cities with police or any sort of government
presence. Not only did that cost a lot of money, the United States just finished a civil war. This
post civil war time is crucial to the western genre. There has not been another time in recent
American history that there was true lawlessness. These films are based on truth. No, the films
are accurate tales of things that actually happened, but they are accurate in how the setting totally
affects the culture and the morals of the individuals in the town, and Westerns