What can be learned – School Core

Choose a reading from the syllabus from the past three weeks. The review (800 words) shall discuss:
What is the topic/subject of the reading (what is it talking about?)
What is the main argument put forth (what is the authors contending?); what is the main thesis?
What are the problems the author is addressing or responding to? What are different approaches the piece is disagreeing with, or what is it trying to rectify, correct, or amend?
Is the main thesis persuasive? If so, how? If not, why?
Be sure to address here the evidence presented
Be sure to address here the logic advanced
Express your final assessment of the reading
Indicate strengths and weaknesses
What can be learned
What should be refused or re-assessed
Submit your file according to the guidelines below. Failure to follow them will result in an automatic F.
File: Word Document
File Name: INS5315_StudentSurname_ReviewNumber
Times New Roman, Font 12, 1.5cm margins
Assignment title, your name and date
Title for your review
Full bibliographical reference of the work under review after the title for the review
Oatley, Chapter 1 (only ‘The global economy in historical context’)

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