What is god’s response to job (god’s words and actions)? f.

Job Paper Prompts – Use this prompt to complete questions with the essay. The prompts are described as a sequence of questions but your paper should have a coherent and smooth flow to the writing so that one would not need to see the prompt in order to follow your writing easily. Each paper should have an introduction and conclusion that synthesizes the points of the paper into a statement about the author’s work. (The introduction and the conclusion should be their own paragraphs different from the synopsis and answering the questions.) Also, you need to use at least two quotes. You must cite the page numbers in parentheses after the quote. For example, (p. 11) Job paper linked below on how to complete questions and get 2 quotations.
A) Theology – Give a brief review of what the whole book is about. Then according to Job, answer the following questions with as much detail as you can and still have the paper the appropriate length.
a. Why does the Adversary think that Job is perfectly good? Because god told him so
b. Who hurts Job? Why and how? he loses his wife children and money
c. What is the belief about God that Job’s friends hold concerning how God treats people? What does this mean for how they view Job’s situation?
d. What is Job’s desire with regard to God? What does he want after he has lost everything?
e. What is God’s response to Job (God’s words and actions)?
f. What does God’s response say about Jewish theology?

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