What is the best form of therapy in treating Depression?

this is a literature review. only facts from citable sources
Topic I plan to focus on is the effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy vs medicine in treating depression
The istructions are as follows
Task: to synthesize the arguments of at least 8 sources

Sources: a total of at least 8sources, all of which should be from scholarly journals or
credible trade journals. You should find your sourcesthrough library searches.
o If you cite sources from websites or popular journals, these sources should be in
addition to the 10 sources you have cited from scholarly or trade journal

Integration of Sources: At least eight sources must be cited in the body of the essay.
You may cite sources in your introduction to help you define terms, and you may cite
sources in your conclusion to help you direct the reader to further inquiry. However, the
body of the essay should synthesize at least 8 source.
APA 7th version  third-person point of view

IntroductionBodyQuestion 1Question 2Question 3Conclusion