What is the difference in sentencing for hispanics and blacks

A research proposal is a plan for research. This means, you do not actually conduct the research; instead, you will write-up a detailed plan for conducting a research project.
To Do:
1.    Following the prescribed template posted in the course, you will write a research proposal for a descriptive research study in any area of the criminal justice field. You will find several topics in your text.
2.    Follow the APA format
3.    Follow the prescribed research proposal template (posted in the course)
4.    Do not use the first person (no “I”)
5.    This is a technical writing assignment. You will be graded on technical writing and APA formatting.
6.    This is also a research methods assignment. You will be graded on the accuracy of your proposal.
7.    This is cumulate assignment, so each phase of the proposal must build on the prior phases.
a.    NOTE: You are expected to incorporate any instructor feedback into each phase of your proposal.
b.    You will receive a zero on any assignment that does not reflect the work submitted in previous phases (assignments), without instructor approval. Reach out to your instructor for further clarification on this requirement.
8.    See the grading rubric for full details.
Format for Research Proposal
We will discuss each of these sections in detail in the course!
You will be provided with a template to follow!

Section of Proposal

Page Number in Proposal

Title Page

Page 1


Page 2


Begin the text of your paper on the page after the abstract and begin with your introduction. NEW page.

Literature Review

Literature review begins immediately following the introduction. NOT a separate page.


Methodology immediately follows literature review. NOT on a separate page.


Conclusion immediately follows methodology. NOT on a separate page.

Reference Page

Start your reference page on the page after your conclusion. NEW page.

Writing the Literature Review
1.    You will select a minimum of FIVE peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, peer-reviewed “trade” articles, or government sources. See the list of approved sources posted in the course. 
2.    In your literature, you need to:
a.    Summarize and analyze the articles
b.    Organize your research into a flowing literature review
c.     Show how your proposal fits into and expands on the past research (i.e., explain why it is important to conduct your proposal)
3.    You will write TWO, fully developed paragraphs per article
4.    Your final literature review will be between 2-3 pages
Writing the Methodology
1.    The methodology is the step-by-step process you are proposing to use to conduct your research.
2.    Your proposal must be for DESCRIPTIVE research.
3.    Your methodology may be for qualitative, quantitative (or both) research.
4.    You must use a survey or questionnaire instrument to gather your data.
5.    You can gather your data through a survey or interview.
6.    If you choose to propose to conduct interview, you must develop a questionnaire (also called an interview guide) to guide your interview (structured or semi-structured).
7.    Follow the assignment details in the course.
8.    Your methodology will include the following sections:  
a.    Research Question: [State your research question]
b.    Hypothesis: [State your hypothesis]
c.     Null Hypothesis: [State your null hypothesis]
d.    Research Design: [State the type of research you are proposing to conduct]
e.    Sample
                                               i.     State the sampling method will you use and your reason for selecting this method
                                             ii.     Describe your sample
                                            iii.     Detail how you plan to obtain your sample
f.      Response Rate
                                               i.     Describe the steps you will take to increase your response rate
g.    Survey Instrument (or questionnaire)
                                               i.     Describe the survey
                                             ii.     Describe how it will be administered