What legal issues were decided by the in this case?/Latest answer 2022

Each student will prepare and submit a written analysis of a closed legal case in health care-related law. This is not a review of an article or news story. Closed legal cases are available through a variety of sources and are typically one of perhaps several appealed cases for either the plaintiff(s) and / or the defendant(s) for a particular medical/legal claim, and may include such topics as medical malpractice, negligence, wrongful death, products liability, contract disputes, tort law, or violation of administrative laws or regulatory issues, etc.
The analysis should be in your own words and include the answers to the following in the order presented (Please label each question that you are addressing):
The complete title and citation for the case (e.g. Smith v. Beebe Medical Center).Explain which court decided this case.
How did the case get to the court? Discuss the procedural history of the case.What laws or statutes, acts, etc. pertain to this case.
What legal issues were decided by the in this case?
Discuss the facts of the case. (Who are parties? What happened?)
What did the court decide? Give its holding (decision) and the reasons it gave for the decision (reasoning)?
Was the decision unanimous?
If not, who dissented and why did they dissent?Why is this case important for health care administrators?
What do you think about the decision?
This paper should be no more than 7-8 double-spaced pages, (does not include the cover page and reference page) and must be in APA format.
Please reference all related cases, statutes, laws, etc., pertaining to this case on your reference page. You may use any reliable resource including FindLaw.com, Justina Law, etc. to find information on your case.