What strengths do brad and his sons have that will help them solve this problem?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social work multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Client Case Scenario – Brief History
Brad is a middle aged man who lives with his two sons in a small trailer. Eric is 13 years old, and Joey is 15 years old
One year ago, Brad’s partner, Marge, died of a heart attack. Brad has been trying to hold the family together since Marge’s death, but he has been very lonely
He does have two neighbors who have been supportive
Marge provided the major financial support for the family, as Brad is disabled. Brad has been disabled for 3 years, and receives SSI benefits
Brad worked as an electrician before becoming disabled
The Current Situation
Six months ago, Eric and Joey decided that they wanted a dog. Brad agreed to this, as he felt that the dog might be a comfort to his sons, since they had lost their mother
The dog has caused a tremendous amount of damage to the family’s home
Furniture has been ripped apart, and the carpet is beyond repair
The dog keeps running away, getting injured, and running up vet bills
The dog is not trained and has knocked Brad over on a number of occasions
Eric and Joey really love the dog and enjoy playing with him
They walk the dog every evening. They do not walk the dog in the morning, because they are having trouble waking up to walk the dog before school
Brad cares for the dog when Eric and Joey are in school
Brad’s Dilemma
Brad is distraught. He is totally unable to afford the dog, yet he feels that the dog has been a comfort for his sons since their mother’s death
He is worried that Eric and Joey will become depressed if he gets rid of the dog
He is also angry that the dog has destroyed his home
Brad admits that the dog provides him with company when his sons are at school
Please answer the following questions:
What strengths do Brad and his sons have that will help them solve this problem?
What emotional needs does the dog fulfill? How else can the family meet these needs?
How can you help Brad and his sons use their strengths to find a solution/s to this problem?

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