You must submit a copy of the journal article with your paper.

Homework Essay: Library Assignment Due Week 4.
APA formatting: Title page, margin alignment to left with one inch margins, double line spacing, page numbers in upper right-hand corner in the header on every page, font style is Times New Roman, size 12.
All papers must be submitted on Blackboard in word format only.
Do not upload a PDF document or a Pages document.
Instructions for Library Assignment: 20% of grade- Write a 3-page paper about one of the following contemporary topics in nursing listed below. Find ONE academic journal article(s) in the LIU library that addresses the topic you have chosen. The article must be very current and published within the last 5 years. You must submit a copy of the journal article with your paper. Do not search the internet for your article. You must use the LIU library, or you can use the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (A Scholarly Journal of the American Nurses Association). Maximum of 3 double spaced typed pages, not including title page and references. APA format is worth 10% of the grade for this paper. Follow template posted on Blackboard.
Template: Your paper is not a summary of the article. You must include your own ideas and the following information in your paper.
1. Introduction: Must include a description and background of the topic and purpose of your paper.
2. Explain why this is an important topic in nursing. How has it impacted the profession?
3. What are some suggestions made in the article to address this issue?
4. Explain what you believe is a good solution to address this issue and why?
5. Conclusions: An overall analysis of the significance of your findings. Not just a summary.
Requirements: Title page and APA formatting for alignment, spacing, page numbers, and font style and size. 3 pages. Maximum of three double spaced typed pages, not including title page or references.
APA formatting is correct. Writing is clear, organized, and flows logically.
Minimal APA formatting errors. Writing is generally good with minimal grammatical errors.
Multiple APA formatting errors. Writing is unclear with grammatical errors.
Does not address the requirements of this assignment or did not complete the assignment.

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