You must use the required readings – your textbook as well as the readings from diamond, chapter 16, and the multimedia component that you yourself find.

Must post first.
World Civ 1 – Discussion 7.
As per the instructions in the rubric, you must post a response to the discussion by Thursday. You must use the required readings – your textbook AS WELL AS the readings from Diamond, Chapter 16, AND the multimedia component that you yourself find. This can be a video, or an academic essay or article about this period, or a podcast, or an image from the time period – anything that you can use to support your discussion post and that helps you understand this period better.
You MUST CITE in APA (or Chicago Manual of Style) form, which means you must use internal citation in your post AND include a Works Cited list at the end of your post.
All posts will be checked through Turnitin for plagiarism and citation accuracy.
The Question for the seventh discussion: What are “classical” civilizations?
What makes them different from ancient civilizations? What qualities do they have in common that make them the basis of contemporary societies? How and why are they the beginnings of the modern idea of “eastern” and “western” culture?
Use ideas from the textbook and from the supplemental readings, with citations that include the page numbers. Compare and contrast their perspectives on the discussion question – how are they alike and different?
– discuss the multimedia component you are use – how did it help you understand the material better? How does it build on what you learned from the readings?
You will need 2 sources for this discussion. One of the discussion you will find yourself. The other source will be a chapter from a book that I will attach the file for on here. It will be titled “Chapter 16 – How China Became Chinese.pdf”.

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