You will be developing a process recording.

Please use the following video to complete the process recording assignment.You will be developing a process recording of 2 4 pages on part of a session that you would have with a client, based on the case study uploaded onto Blackboard. You will present a verbatim exchange of the session using the process recording template provided on the last page of the syllabus and uploaded onto Blackboard.   The Process Recording must contain a minimum of two APA citations from course materials, one of which must be the NASW Code of Ethics.

Describe the purpose of the session and the presenting problem.
Describe the skills that you would use in engaging and interacting with the client.
Write the actual dialogue that you would envision happening as if it were a real session.
Describe the nonverbal communication that would be taking place as the dialogue progresses.
Describe your thoughts on the interaction as the dialogue progresses.
Describe what you think the client may be feeling.
Describe which of the NASW Code of Ethics is used during the session.

Watch Video to do assignment.

Nasw code  link: