Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the various causes of psychological disorders.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the various causes of psychological disorders. Pavlov majored in the behavioral characteristic of man. He explained that the behavior that man learns could be unlearned and vice versa. According to Pavlov, man develops psychological problems after unlearning the desirable behaviors. Many other psychological fathers have different viewpoints considering the causes of psychological problems. Apparently, many current psychologists and physiologists have laid the founding fathers’ knowledge as the foundation for treating patients suffering from psychological problems. The current psychologists can differentiate a psychological therapy for different psychological problems. There are diverse types of psychological therapy. The main therapies include psychoanalysis, psychodynamic behavioral, cognitive and biological. People suffering from psychological problems should employ therapies for the treatment. Galbraith family members have psychological problems, although most of them, according to the scenario, are not aware. Apparently, the content for the scenario does not depict the psychological state of Mr. Stephen Galbraith and Marisa. However, their children have displayed various psychological problems. Nonetheless, psychological therapy will help in treating their situation. The children comprise Susanna, Toby, and Alice. Moreover, Susanna is married to a husband named Alex.Alice is the second-born daughter and has eaten the disorder as well as low self-esteem. The low self-esteem has made it hard for her to form relationships with other people including family members. An eating disorder is a psychological disorder that includes a person eating too much or too little with or without their knowledge. According to Ivan Pavlov, the disorder occurs when a person learns the behavior from other people, they could be, friends or peers. The disorder is harmful& a person becomes uncomfortable if the food served has not served their psychological needs. There are two types of an eating disorder. Unfortunately, Alice experiences both disorders. She experiences anorexia nervosa symptoms and a mild bulimia nervosa.