Your first meeting with the HSS Project Sponsor, undersecretary, and the directo

Your first meeting with the HSS Project Sponsor, undersecretary, and the directors of the three agencies went very well. After the meeting, you meet with your project team and explain that the undersecretary suggested it would save time if members of your team were to visit agencies, and then get together and share what they learned about current operations. Conduct a stakeholder analysis of one of the three agencies by completing the Stakeholder Identification and Analysis matrix (Requirements Assessment Report Template provided.)
Study the course blog readings and videos for information about how to perform a stakeholder analysis before working on the template. For this and all assignments that follow, there is a lot of information that you do not have about HSS and the government agencies they support, e.g. their history, leadership, leadership structure, culture, project managers, engineers, etc. However, you have been given the latitude in this and all the following assignments to fabricate the reality you will be dealing with based on the information you do have. You are to assess every angle of the company and consider all of the project stakeholders that will be impacted by your project and that can impact the outcome of your project. You are to make assumptions about people’s titles, departments, roles, perceptions, etc. and create the story. Keep in mind the fact that the requirement assessment will be used as the basis for managing all of the projects HSS conducts for these government agencies in the years to come.