Your paper should be not more than 750 words.

For this assignment, you will reflect on your personal values and beliefs regarding a situation whereby a judge countermanded/or supported a patient/family’s wishes.
Choose one of the following cases: (Please see uploaded file)
Introduce your paper with a general statement about the paper, then a purpose statement. A purpose statement starts with: The purpose of this paper is to discuss . . .then the key elements of what you are going to discuss.
This paragraph should identify and briefly describe the case you will be discussing. Next, discuss the following:
1) Identify and describe the ethical principles involved in this case.
2) Describe the social and economic consequences of reversing this decision.
3) Discuss guidance from the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements that sheds light on this situation. Which provisions provide guidance? How can it be interpreted to guide decision making (and the role of the nurse regardless of the decision) in this case?
4) Discuss how your personal values/beliefs and core ethical beliefs may impact you professionally, as a result of this situation.
Finally, provide a conclusion.
Minimum 600, Maximum 750
Your paper should be not more than 750 words.
– Your paper should be in proper 7th Edition APA Format and include a title page and properly formatted references. (I can do the title page)
A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references (one should be the ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements)

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